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Self-seal-bags.co.uk is a division of Polybags specialising in self-seal bags. Established in 1961, Polybags Ltd has been providing customers with quality polythene and polypropylene products at competitive prices for over half a century.

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Plastic Self-Seal Bags Transparent (Usable Space: 4.5x4cm) 6cm x4cm(2 3/8" x1 5/8"), 200 PCs  (B04010)

Our transparent grip seal bags are robust, versatile and reusable. They are perfect for storing items you wish to keep safe from dirt, dust and moisture. Grip seal bags are also known as gripper bags, grippa bags or minigrip bags and due to the packaging supplierble plastic ridge you can use them above and above again.

In 1951, a company called Flexigrip, Inc. was formed to develop and market a plastic zipper, by the same name, based on a set of patents, which it had purchased, of which the inventour was Borge Madsen. The initial products for the Flexigrip and other plastic zippers (like the sliderless zippers (toptite) that were developed by Flexigrip) were looseleaf binder inserts and flat briefcases. Thereafter, the marketing efforts were directed at packaging products in plastic zipper bags, which turned out to be the principal market for the Flexigrip, Inc. products. In 1961, Flexigrip, Inc. obtained from a British company, Seisan Nippon Sha, who invented the Minigrip-type plastic zipper bag, not inclusive manufacturing and selling rights for the United States, based on a series of plastic zipper Seisan patents. A company by the same name was formed to manufacture and market Minigrip bags. In or about 1964, Minigrip, Inc. negotiated an not inclusive licence for the grocery trade (supermarkets) with Dow Chemical Company for the Minigrip product. It turned out to be enormously successful.

        1.2.2 Global Grip Seal Bags Production Market Share by Type (Product Category) in 2016

50x 11cm X 16cm Self Seal Bags Gadget Jewelry Finger Rings Holders

Have you ever discovered yourself unclear about how to select colours for 50x 11cm X 16cm Self Seal Bags Gadget Jewelry Finger Rings Holders . material and furniture, do this easy technique: Use the colour steering wheel. It is a guaranteed, grow older-old method to determine what colours work optimal with one another. One colour steering wheel guideline is to select complementary colours, or individuals directly throughout from each other. Here, which makes for a daring colour statement with orange and aqua blue white umbrellas and highlights within the patterning retains the assortment from sensation mind-boggling.

2 and the interior of tube 70. Tube 70 is sealed at one stop . by a plug 72 having exhaust orifices 73 formed therein and . ~` communicating with the interior of tube 70. A screw ~hreaded ` male member 74 is located at the extreme stop of the duct motour, and can be used to connect the duct motour to a leng'~h o~ rod or a second duct motour having a ~emals connectour with sprung jaws. I . . j! : Valve ll consists o~ a member 75 sealed to tube 70 by means of "0" rings 7q~in grooves formed on the outer wall of member . 75. Member 75 is attached to tube 76 by means of a grub screw 77 not shown. A seal exists between tube 76 and . member 75 provided by "0" ring 77. . , . The infla~ion valve lO consists o~ a member 78 sealed against the interior wall of tube 70 by means of "0" ring 79` The tube 76 is sealed to the interior surface of valve member 78 by means of "0" rings 80 and 81. An orifice 82 in tube 76 communicates with a gap be~ween the exterior wall of tube 76 and valve member 78. Valve member 78 is biased by spring 84 towards the proper. A circumferential step 104 formed ' on the interior wall of tubo 70. . ~ . : .: ' ~ ' :,., . ' , "' , , , ` ': ' i ' ` ' ' . ' ': ' L3~ ~ 14 -. Spring 8~ acts between stop 19 at the stop o~ valve stem 17 and stop 86. In order to like the operation of the duct motour, it is necessary to identify the alternative paths through which `compressed air can pass when the alternative valve members are in alternative positions. ~rhe main distribution valve 7 has two positions, in the first . position valve member is located as shown in Fig. 1, in the second position the valve member is displaced to the left . . 10 so that balls 43 and 44 engage the proper hand side groove 105 in the valve member. In the first position an air pass is established from air input 56 to air space 13. The air " passage is via filter 58, air chambelr 57~ annular gap 59 between brass blocks 109 and 110, holes 60 and 108 drilled 15 . in block 109, annular cavity 61 to circumI'erential space 62 . the air then passes in a clearance gap between a wa~her and valve stem 17, through.a groove cut in the top of valve stem 46 into the circumferential space 63, through holes 111 into the circumferential space 64. A pair of drilled holes 66 . 2~ vertical to the plane of the paper connects circumferential passage 64 to cavity 112. Ca~-ity 112 is attached by hollow valve stem 1.7, and orifices 21 and 15 to air space 13. A second air path is established in this position between air :: ~' . . , . , - 15 - ! . . space 12 and air space 1~3 between valve member 46 and tube 114. Tube 114 is-linked directly to atmosphere by a vent hole (not shown). ~his air path is via the clearance 42, bet~een valve stem 17 and tube 34 to a circumferential . S passage 115, and holes 116, via groove 130. Valve stem 17 is sealed at the stop of the valve by "0" ring 131, so that the clearance passage between valve stem 17 and valve member 46 does not communicate with the clearance passage surround- ing the valve stem 17 to the proper of the "0" ring 131. An air pat~ also exists via valve stem 1`7, hollow piston rod 6 the interior of tube 76 air holes 82, past the valve seal o~ valve 10 ("0" ring 80 and groove 120 in member 78), and orifice 71 to gripper bag 2. , To summarise~when the distribution valve is in the first position three air paths are established:-..~ A From air space 13 to the origin of compressed ` air. B From air space 12 to atmosphere . '~ C From gripper bag 2 to the origin of compressed " ~0 air (providing the in~lation valve is in an open position). .'~, ' . . . ~ . . . .. : .. . : : - ~ : . . . ' . . ' , ,; , , , .. . ~i . . .; f, - 16 _ ! . All other air paths are sealed by the alternative valves. ~hus , in the first position of distribution valve 10, gripper bag 2 is inflated and the telescopic part 3 is contracting. . When the distribution valve 7 is in it's second position the valve member 46 is displaced to the proper, so that holes 111 are no longer linked in an air path attached to the origin of compressed air, nevertheless now link directly to space 113 and atmosphere. The compressed air supply which is fed into circumferential chamber 62 as described above is now linked via the clearance between valve stem 17 and valve member 46, slot 131 in the head of valve member 46 and holes 116 to air space 12 via,the path described above. In this configuration when inflation valve 8 is open, compressed air passes via hole 38 and round ~he valv- seal formed by "0" ring 36 and the wall of the valve member 30, and so via orifice 88 into bag 1. , To summarise ~hen the distribution valve is in the second position three air paths are established:-A From air space 12 to the origin of compressed air . . B From air space 13 to'atmosphere C~ From gripper bag 1 to origin of compressed air - ~ , , - , ~ , , .: . . ., ".; , :.~. . . ~3~ , . . (advantage~iding the inflat~on valve i~ open) i ~urning now to the operation of the inflation valves 8 and 10~ these comprise valve sleeves 30 and 78 respectively~ which act as pistons and are located co~axially in tubes Turning now to the operation of the inflation valves 8 and 10 these comprise sleeves 30 and 78 respectively, which act as pistons~ havIng co-axlal tubes 34 and 76 located within them. .~ T~e sleeves 30 and 78 can transport axially about the tubes 34 and 76, against the bias of springs 31 and 84 respectively. The sleeves 30 and 78 have grooves 37 and 120 machined in their inner walls~ and tubes 34 and 76 have "0" rings 36 and 80, arranged so that a clearance exists between the "0" rings 36 and 80 and the grooye bottoms 37, and 120 when the "0" rings are located mid method along the groove. In operation the inflation valve 8 and 10 are normally open. However when compressed air is fed into the appropriate gripper bag, the pressure builds up, and acts on the stop faces Or the sleeves 30 and 78. When the pressure reaches a predet-~- ermined value, the sleeves are forced back against the bias of springs 31 and 84 causing the "0" rings to engage the proper hand edge of the grooves Polybags~ valve 10 the "O" ring 80 and the ed~ of groove 134~ Thus these valves prevent above inflation of the gripper bags, since they cut . . . ,, ~ . ~, . - ` ;- " : ` ' ~ `'. :. ~8 - l . . . . off the compressed air supply to the gripper bags when the pressure in the gripper bags exceeds a predetermined value. When the exhaustion valves are actuated the inflation valves are closed, in this situation th`e inner tubes 30 and 76 transport so that the "0" rings 36 and 80 engage the left hand edge of the grooves 37 and 120 Polybags"0" ; ring 80 engages groove edge 133. This again closes off the inflation valve, and ensures that the compressed air supply is isolated from atmosphere amid bag exhaustion. It will be ~lnderstood that the exhaustion valves are actuated by ~t movement of the gripper bag assembly relative to the respective inner tubes 76 and 30. The operation o~ exhaust valves of 9 and 11 will now be considered. These valves are only operated when the telescopic part 3 beginnings to expand or contract, with both ; ~ gripper bags inflated.` Consider first valve 9, when the telescopic part 3 beginnings to contract, with both gripper bags in~lated, member 39;is pulled to the righ~ so that "0" ring seal 41 no longer engages the interior wall o~ tube 24, and spring 31 is compressed. Air then escapes from gripper bag 1 past 1l0l~ ring seal 41 and in~o grooves in member 39 I ~ which are not shown. The air then passes to atmosphere. As soon as gripper bag 1 is complimentary to transport it is pushed to the rig~t by spring 31 closing off the air exhaust path, only . . ', . ' ~ . 1. ~, .. . . ,~ 3 - . I permitting partiaL deflation of bag 1. -; Consider valve 11, when both gripper bags are inflated and telescopic part 3 beginnings to expand, tube 76 is pushed against the stop of member 75 displacing it to the proper, breaking "0" ring seal 7~and compressing spring 84. This opens an exhaust air path past "0" ring seal 76a, through exhaust ports 73 to atmosphere. hs soon as gripper bag 2 is complimentary to transport it is pushed to the proper by spring 84 9 resealing the exhaust valve and again only permitting partial de~lation of bag 2. It will be realised that if amid movement of a partially deflated gripper bag, the gripper bag fouls the duct wall, the appropriate exhaust valve will open causing further deflation of the gripper bag. It will also be realised that the inflation valves and deflation valves cooperate, so that the deflation valves cannot open to atmosphere unless the inflation valves have first sealed. The cyclic operation of the duct motour will now be described in detail. Consider an initial state of the duct motour~ with both gripper bags inflated and the telescopic part fully contracted. The distribution valve is in the first , . : .~; , .. . ., - . . . ~ . , . ,, ~ . ,. ~ . . : , . . ~ .. . . . - , . ~ . ~, . ~` ` ; ! jl -- 20 ~ !1l . . ,1 ~ posi~ion, and the follo~ing cycle occurs:- If~ . . 1. Telescopic part 3 will beginning to extend, compressed air entering space 12 and escaping to i~;l atmosphere from space 13. 2. De~lation valve 11 will open partially deflating ~! ` gripper bag 1. .

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Heavy duty self-seal bags 205

Pro-loc Heavy Duty Grippa Bags Pro-loc 127 (5x8") 500 Bags

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Polybags products

Polybags has been trading online at polybags.co.uk since 1999, providing customers with an excellent range of products including:

Carrier bags
Carrier bags
Polybags stocks a huge variety of clear and coloured carrier bags, made from either standard polythene or biodegradable materials and with a range of handle styles, including vest, patch and premium. You can also customise your bags to include your own company design.
Mailing bags
Mailing and courier bags
Perfect for regular post or courier services, mailing bags are light, waterproof and easy to use with an integral self-adhesive strip. Whether using standard, tuff, tamper proof, bubble or metallic mailers, these will add a touch of professionalism to your delivery.
Plain polythene bags
Plain packing bags
Polybags' range of plain polythene bags will cater for any type of packing, from covering furniture for storage or removals to protecting art during transportation, stocking nick nacks or nuts and bolts or packing food for extra freshness.
Polythene tubing and sheeting
Polythene tubing and sheeting
If you need to pack items of varying shapes and sizes, then polythene tubing or sheeting is just what you need. Available in light, medium or heavy duty polythene and in a range of widths, just unroll the correct amount of polythene, wrap the item and secure with tape, banding or a heat sealer.
Bubble film and bubble bags
Bubble packaging
If you have delicate items that need to be protected during postage or transportation, Polybags' range of bubble packaging provides the perfect solution. This wide variety of bubble wrap and bubble bags give air-cushioned protection for items of all shapes and sizes.
Grip seal and slider grip bags
Grip seal or self-seal bags
Ever-popular with customers, Polybags stock a huge range of self-seal bags, also known as grip-seal bags. Easy to use time and time again thanks to a simple plastic strip fastener, these bags will keep any contents free waterproof and free from contamination or dirt.
Specialist bags
Produce and paper bags
These ultra-thin high density polythene film bags and wide range of paper bags and carriers will cater for all types of food produce and allow you to package your food however you wish. Perfect for grocers, market traders, delicatessens, take-away restaurants and food traders everywhere.
Waste bags and sacks
Waste bags and sacks
Made from recycled polythene but very durable, Polybags' excellent range of waste bags caters for almost any bin. Ideal for home, garden or workplace, these bags will cover any disposal need, including clinical, hazardous or other specialist waste.
Environmental bags
Environmental bags
Polybags stocks a wide range of green products that will meet your packaging needs whilst remaining eco-friendly. Made from Biodegradable or Polybio packaging and developed in line with the latest research findings, these carriers, bin liners, refuse sacks and more will help you look out for the environment.
Garment bags and pallet covers
Garment and laundry covers
A leading manufacturer of dry cleaning and laundry covers, Polybags will help you and your customers protect your clothes or linen in storage or during transportation. This excellent range includes laundry collection bags, duvet covers, linen covers and dry cleaning covers. Available off the peg in clear or pre-printed form.
Presentation bags and retail bags
Presentation bags and retail bags
If you are looking for packaging to make your products sparkle, then this range of presentation bags made from high-clarity polypropylene film is just what you need. Any retailer who dazzles their customers with these bags will agree that there's no better way to present your products.
Transit packing
Vacuum bags
Vacuum packs are the ideal packaging for the catering industry as they will extend the shelf life of food by up to five times. Perfect for storing fish, meat, cooked or dried foods, these packs are compatible with all major chamber vacuum sealers.